Op-Ed: We Must Take Steps Now to Preserve Our International Alliances

This piece appeared in the german magazine Der Spiegel on February 17, 2017. We Must Take Steps Now to Preserve Our International Alliances Lessons of the Past Warn Us to Stand Tall Against Those Seeking to Unravel a Global Security Framework That Has Kept Us Safe Since World War II. The United States and our international allies, which for so long has been the centerpiece of what is rightly called “The Free World,” are facing the greatest threat to global stability since the end of World War II.  Security arrangements, like the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which for more than seven decades have kept us safe from yet another global conflict, are quickly coming unraveled.  These are the deep concerns I am bringing to the Munich Security Conference 2017. Here in America, I see the erosion of our alliances caused by growing tensions across the world and fed by […]

Gov. John Kasich Op-Ed: The GOP Must Properly Fix Obamacare

John Kasich: The GOP Must Properly Fix Obamacare With control of both the White House and Congress for the first time in more than a decade, Republicans now have the means to bring real and long-needed improvements to national health care policies that have been the source of significant difficulties and debate for far too long. The substance of those changes — and the way in which they are pursued and enacted — can go a long way toward helping the country move forward together. I have always opposed Obamacare and consistently called for it to be replaced with more conservative, market-driven reforms that actually control health care costs. At the invitation of Republican leaders in Congress, I recently submitted a number of recommendations for consideration as they work to undo the harm caused by Obamacare’s expensive and burdensome federal takeover of our health care system. Congressional Republicans have already […]

Gov. John Kasich Op-Ed: Reject False Prophets. Protect Our Allies.

America must stand up to those who try to diminish freedom. Read more in Gov. Kasich’s recent TIME op-ed. This piece was also published in the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on February 8, 2017. John Kasich: Reject False Prophets. Protect Our Allies. It is conventional wisdom that history repeats itself. But the world should hope—and pray—that this maxim is off-base when it comes to our global security. Security arrangements, like the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which through 71 years since the end of World War II have kept us safe from yet another global conflict, are quickly showing signs of coming undone. And if history is indeed repeating itself, we can’t say we haven’t been warned, and we must take steps now to change our current course. As governor of a state that is restoring its fiscal well-being by keeping pace with the demands and rewards of a global economy, […]

Gov. John Kasich Speaks at The King Center in Atlanta

Gov. John Kasich was in Atlanta to speak at The King Center about the importance of strengthening our communities. Watch a short clip below or his entire remarks (here). Like Dr. King, we must work from the bottom up to bring change to our communities, living a life a little bigger than ourselves. pic.twitter.com/SVhxEV7zBd — John Kasich (@JohnKasich) January 17, 2017

Op-Ed: Refusing to Ratify TPP Risks America’s Role as the World Leader

In his latest op-ed, Gov. John Kasich wrote in the Washington Post about how Congress passing the Trans-Pacific Partnership will make America safer and stronger. Read the op-ed below: Does the United States still have the ability — or the will — to be the undisputed global leader, a role it has held since World War II? It’s a question to be answered soon by members of Congress as they approve or reject an initiative to give the United States expanded access to 11 countries that represent more than a quarter of the world’s trade, while leveling the playing field for U.S. workers and businesses. How they vote on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement will affect the course of the United States’ security, prosperity and global influence for the rest of the 21st century and determine whether we advance or retreat from our leadership role at a time of […]

CNN: Gov. John Kasich Discusses the Benefits of Free Trade w/ Dana Bash

Gov. John Kasich sat down with CNN’s Dana Bash to discuss why he supports free trade as a drive of American job creation and also about why it has such a big impact on our national security. Watch the interview here. .@JohnKasich tells @DanaBashCNN he “welcomes the backlash” that may come after his meeting tomorrow w/ @POTUS on TPP https://t.co/JXx2Gk7a8d — Abigail Crutchfield (@ACrutchfield14) September 16, 2016