Op-Ed: Refusing to Ratify TPP Risks America’s Role as the World Leader

In his latest op-ed, Gov. John Kasich wrote in the Washington Post about how Congress passing the Trans-Pacific Partnership will make America safer and stronger. Read the op-ed below: Does the United States still have the ability — or the will — to be the undisputed global leader, a role it has held since World War II? It’s a question to be answered soon by members of Congress as they approve or reject an initiative to give the United States expanded access to 11 countries that represent more than a quarter of the world’s trade, while leveling the playing field for U.S. workers and businesses. How they vote on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement will affect the course of the United States’ security, prosperity and global influence for the rest of the 21st century and determine whether we advance or retreat from our leadership role at a time of […]

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CNN: Gov. John Kasich Discusses the Benefits of Free Trade w/ Dana Bash

Gov. John Kasich sat down with CNN’s Dana Bash to discuss why he supports free trade as a drive of American job creation and also about why it has such a big impact on our national security. Watch the interview here. .@JohnKasich tells @DanaBashCNN he “welcomes the backlash” that may come after his meeting tomorrow w/ @POTUS on TPP https://t.co/JXx2Gk7a8d — Abigail Crutchfield (@ACrutchfield14) September 16, 2016


WSJ Op-Ed (Gov. John Kasich): A Vote Against Trade Is a Vote Against Growth

Gov. John Kasich recently authored an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal about the benefits free trade offers in American job creation and national security: A Vote Against Trade Is a Vote Against Growth China and Russia want the U.S. out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Why? It will make us stronger. The current war of words over the Trans-Pacific Partnership is far more than a trade debate. It’s about whether America still has the will to tackle change head-on and emerge stronger, on the leading edge of innovation, offering a better quality of life for Americans. With 40 million American jobs dependent on trade, the U.S. economy is already interconnected with the rest of the world. So TPP is not about something “new” as much as it is about helping existing U.S. companies—large and small—find growth opportunities in Japan, Australia, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and four other Pacific Rim […]

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Gov. Kasich on MSNBC with Brian Williams

Gov. John Kasich was on MSNBC with Brian Williams to talk about the state of the 2016 race for President, how he’s helping campaign for Republican candidates and how an inclusive, uplifting message is what Americans want to hear.


Forbes (Gov. John Kasich Op-ed): Ohio’s New Formula For Business Growth Is A Model For The Nation

Gov. John Kasich recently wrote an op-ed about Ohio’s comeback and how it’s serving as a model for other states and the nation to follow. Read more from Forbes below: The national economy and what it takes to create real economic growth have been major topics of conversation for political candidates this year. That’s come as no surprise to me, having traveled across the country during my presidential campaign, when I heard from Americans everywhere that they’re eager for better job opportunities. As we look ahead to changes in our national leadership and the best economic policies to strengthen our economy, the formula that Ohio has successfully applied–tax cuts, conservative budgeting, spending restraint and common-sense regulations–is a model that would serve our nation well. Ohio’s formula It’s certainly worked well for us. After a period of decline, Ohio and our local communities are once again moving forward, thanks to our […]


New York Times (John Kasich): 20 Years After Reform, Welfare Is Still Broken

In Monday’s New York Times, Gov. John Kasich authored an op-ed about the need for states to become empowered to offer welfare reforms and ensure that we’re helping those in need while also setting standards for personal responsibility. An excerpt is below, you can read the whole thing here. New York Times: 20 Years After Reform, Welfare Is Still Broken “…today, it’s clear that our welfare system is still deeply flawed, thanks in part to later changes from Washington. In 2005, Congress pulled power back from the states, reducing local flexibility by enforcing a one-size-fits-all approach that sets arbitrary time limits on education and training for people seeking sustainable employment. As a result, too many lives are thrown away by a rigid and counterproductive system that treats an individual as a number, not as a person who is desperate to gain new skills and opportunities in life. Today’s system still […]


Gov. Kasich Campaigns with Ohio Sen. Rob Portman

Gov. John Kasich campaign with Senator Rob Portman, visiting with volunteers and supporters at stops in Centerville and Columbus. Watch this short highlight video below: .@JohnKasich joined the RV Tour on Thursday with stops in Dayton and Columbus! https://t.co/2y6ZGiXhUG — Rob Portman (@robportman) August 21, 2016