ENDORSEMENT: Former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott Endorses Gov. John Kasich

FORMER U.S. SENATE MAJORITY LEADER TRENT LOTT THINKS JOHN KASICH SHOULD BE PRESIDENT Cites Kasich’s Budget & National Security Experience as Essential for the Next President Today former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-MS) endorsed Ohio Governor John Kasich for President, pointing to his success in putting conservative values to work to balance the budget in Washington and Ohio, as well as his deep national security policy experience and commitment to strengthening our military.  He will serve as a National Co-Chair on Kasich’s campaign. “I’ve known John Kasich a long time and watched with pride and admiration as, time and again, he’s shown the world what conservative ideas can do to strengthen economies and make our country more secure.  His leadership on the House Budget Committee was essential to getting the federal budget balanced and he’s applied that same approach in Ohio and it’s brought his state back to […]


OHIO GOVERNOR JOHN KASICH CONGRATULATES UKRAINE ON 24 YEARS OF FREEDOM AND INDEPENDENCE Repeats Call for U.S. to Provide Ukraine Defensive Arms Today Ohio Gov. John R. Kasich congratulated the people of Ukraine as they celebrate their 24th Independence Day tomorrow, and pledged to work with them so they have many, many more to come. Kasich issued the following statement: “I congratulate the people of Ukraine, the one million Americans of Ukrainian heritage and your friends and supporters around the world on 24 years of independence for Ukraine. Ukraine has come so far in a short time and I share the pride I know you feel. “Strong U.S. support for Ukraine is critically important, especially as we see the country that feels ‘threatened’ by a strong, Western-looking Ukraine trying to undermine it—by proxies and even direct intervention. That is unacceptable. The repeated violations of the Minsk ceasefire protocols must stop, […]

ICYMI: Peggy Noonan on John Kasich

ICYMI: Peggy Noonan on John Kasich Wall Street Journal We finish with John Kasich, re-elected governor of Ohio last year by 31 points, which speaks, if not of genius, at least of talent. His entrance in the race shook things up in New Hampshire, where a month after his late announcement he went to No. 3 in the polls. What distinguishes him in my mind is that everyone who writes about politics gets phonecalls from presidential candidates, and they’re always about big things—immigration, spending, regulation, national security. But whenever Mr. Kasich has called, the conversation has gone to the mentally ill young, the drug-addicted and what’s happeningon the ground in America. What is he hearing about the heroin epidemic in New Hampshire, where admissions to state-run rehab facilities are dramatically up? “I talk about it a lot because I know this stuff,” he said in an interview last week. “I […]

ENDORSEMENT: Former Iowa House Speaker Brent Siegrist Endorses Gov. John Kasich

Today, the former Speaker of the Iowa House of Representatives and 18-year legislative veteran Brent Siegrist endorsed Ohio Governor John Kasich for President. Siegrist will serve as an advisor to the governor’s campaign effort in Iowa and as part of his leadership team. “As the governor of a very important state, Gov. Kasich understands how to effectively run large operations,” said Speaker Siegrist, “And that experience is, in part, what makes him the right person to lead our nation as President.  Under his watch, Ohio has been remarkably transformed, as he has turned budget deficits into surpluses, cut taxes more than any sitting governor, reduced the size of state government, and presided over an economy that put more than 350,000 Ohioans back to work.  Combined with his 18 years in Congress where he led the effort to balance the federal budget and his decade in the private sector working with job creators across […]

ENDORSEMENT: N.H. GOP Leaders Doug & Stella Scamman Endorse Gov. John Kasich

Today lifelong New Hampshire public servants and Republican activists Doug and Stella Scamman announced their endorsement of Ohio Governor John Kasich for President, saying the governor “stands out as the best among many very good candidates for President and will provide the leadership we need in Washington.”  The Scammans will serve as New Hampshire State Co-chairs of Kasich’s campaign. “In Congress, as Chair of the Budget Committee, John Kasich led the way in passing a balanced budget, showing he can work with all factions of Washington to accomplish great feats.  He knows foreign policy from serving years in Congress.  As Governor of Ohio, John Kasich turned an $8 billion budget deficit into a $2 billion dollar surplus while making state government more efficient and delivering better services.  When a state like Ohio re-elects their Governor with 64 percent of its vote, one knows that Governor Kasich has done what he […]

Des Moines Register: Kasich Calls for Uniting America in State Fair Speech

Kasich Calls for Uniting America in State Fair Speech The Des Moines Register, Aug. 18, 2015 By William Petroski Ohio Gov. John Kasich painted a portrait of himself as an independent leader who would strive to bring Americans together in remarks at the Iowa State Fair Tuesday. “There is too much anger in America today. Too much division,” the Republican presidential candidate told an overflow audience at the Horner Service Center. His speech was moved indoors because of heavy rainstorms that struck the Des Moines area. The nation needs a strong leader, Kasich said, someone who can set a tone and unite the people. But government can’t fix the nation’s problems alone, he emphasized, explaining the public must also accept personal responsibility by mentoring young people, asking young people not to do drugs, and other initiatives, he said. Similarly, one political party shouldn’t be relied upon to reform government entitlement […]

CNN Guest Column: John Kasich: How to make America secure

CNN – August 17, 2015 No realistic look at the world today will leave us feeling good about America’s security. Terrorism is increasingly striking here at home. Regional powers are challenging the postwar security order. Nuclear weapons are proliferating. Cyberspace has become a battlefield. The U.S. has neglected both our military and our alliances and has apparently decided, instead, to try to lead from behind. America urgently needs vision, stronger policies and the means to implement them to restore our nation’s international standing and leadership. The economy is the forgotten starting point for this discussion. In my 18 years as a member of the House Armed Services Committee, I never met a president who understood the link between a strong economy and strong national security better than Ronald Reagan. He was relentless in pursuing economic growth because he knew it would allow us to rebuild our military and win the […]

Politico: John Kasich Positions Himself as a Frugal Hawk

ICYMI: Politico: John Kasich positions himself as a frugal hawk Throughout his career, he has straddled being tough on defense with being tough on spending. By Daniel Strauss POLITICO Kasich, in an op-ed for CNN, mentioned being on the House Armed Services Committee for 18 years, but also sought to re-frame his reputation as a budget hardliner as another form of national security experience. Reagan, he said, saw the “link between a strong economy and strong national security” — and today that means “taking on America’s $18 trillion debt and $463 billion deficit — the two greatest barriers to the economic growth.” “The next president must know how to balance budgets and keep them balanced, because it is the first thing we must do to keep America safe,” he wrote…. Kasich throughout his career has straddled being tough on defense with being tough on spending. About two decades ago, for instance, […]