NYT Op-Ed: John Kasich and Jeb Bush Jr.: A Bad Idea on Immigration

Gov. John Kasich co-authored a New York Times op-ed with Jeb Bush, Jr. about finding compassionate solutions to our nation’s immigration challenges without tearing families apart. John Kasich and Jeb Bush Jr.: A Bad Idea on Immigration Immigration has become one of the most polarizing issues of our day. But it is worth remembering that this century opened with a tale of family and migration that was as contentious as many of the stories that punctuate our current debate: the case of Elián González. In November 1999, when Elián was 6, he left Cuba in a small boat with his mother, who was seeking a better life in Florida. She and 10 others died when the boat sank in a storm. Elián survived by clinging to an inner tube. Courts eventually ruled that he must return to his father in Cuba rather than stay with relatives in Florida. He remains there to […]

John Kasich

Op-Ed: Loose Talk About War with North Korea is Irresponsible

Gov. John Kasich recently authored an op-ed in the Washington Post about our need to exhaust all options with North Korea before our leaders start talking about the probability of war. With tensions continuing to build between the United States and North Korea, there’s growing talk by politicians and TV pundits that we are on the brink of war. In truth, we shouldn’t be anywhere close. This increasingly hot war of words — including loose talk about the probability of war — does nothing to bring us closer to where we need to be on North Korea, especially when military options short of war remain on the table. In fact, with millions of lives at stake, waging a war of words is a distraction from the serious task at hand. Any kind of war — especially nuclear war — should not be an option until all other options are exhausted. […]


TIME Op-Ed (Govs. Kasich & Hickenlooper): A Bipartisan Approach to Stabilizing Our Nation’s Health Insurance System

Gov. John Kasich and Gov. John Hickenlooper were recently joined by six other governors, Republicans, Democrats and Independent, in announcing a bipartisan and fair blueprint health care fix. You can learn more (here). They also authored a TIME op-ed about this important issue: A Bipartisan Approach to Stabilizing Our Nation’s Health Insurance System By: John R. Kasich, John W. Hickenlooper As recently as late July, Congress appeared at the end of the health care road with its one-way, one-sided, closed-door approach to repairing the Affordable Care Act. Now, little more than a month since failing to move forward with their partisan efforts, Republicans and Democrats in Congress are working together on something all sides can agree upon: restoring stability to our individual health insurance markets. This is an obvious place to start. Nearly 22 million Americans are caught up in the volatility of the individual health insurance market. Many are struggling to afford coverage and often […]

Gov. John Kasich Op-Ed: The Time for Bipartisanship is Now

In Gov. Kasich’s latest op-ed, he writes in CNN about how America is stronger when we work together to face our challenges: Americans are relying on leaders in Washington to fix our health care problems, but if recent history is any indication, the search for solutions in the current environment will inevitably lead to an unproductive partisan standoff. Hopefully, members of Congress will learn from their turbulent town hall meetings that the American people are finally having their fill of that gridlock. Sadly, the health care debate is but one battle in what seems to be an endless partisan war, and the battlefields are every issue of importance facing our nation — from the economy to foreign policy. How did things get so off track? It wasn’t always this way. When I was chairman of the House Budget Committee in the 1990s, we were able to reform Pentagon spending, pass […]

John Kasich

Op-Ed: Gov. John Kasich: Kim Jong Un Must Be Removed From Power

Gov. Kasich’s latest op-ed in TIME: Kim Jong Un Must Be Removed From Power: As news reports surface of yet another missile test by North Korea, the United States must consider increased pressure on the regime of Kim Jong Un. These threats are not new to our nation and they aren’t going away. Having served nine terms in Congress, including 18 years on the House Armed Services Committee, I remember facing similar threats in 1994, when North Korea refused to let international inspectors in to see facilities where it extracted nuclear material for use in weapons. By every estimate, North Korea’s facilities could have been destroyed safely back then, and with no loss of life for South Korea or for us. But there was a chance that they would retaliate and use conventional means — primarily artillery hidden in North Korea’s mountains — against the people of South Korea. According […]