John Kasich Campaigns in Portland and Medford, OR

John Kasich’s presidential campaign has reached Oregon, and he’s leaving an impression with his message of optimism and perseverance.  PORTLAND Read OregonLive’s coverage of the Portland town hall event here. Kasich spoke to more than 300 people gathered for a town-hall-style meeting in Northwest Portland. He blended humor with sometimes lengthy answers to audience questions in describing his arc from small-town kid to presidential contender. MEDFORD Gov. Kasich continued on from Portland to Medford Oregon. Read local coverage of the Medford town hall here.

Washington Post: Why Republicans still must not rally around Trump

“In his Tuesday night victory speech, Mr. Trump claimed — as usual without any corroborating details — that Republicans are already calling him seeking to mend fences. They shouldn’t — because Mr. Trump is not a typical candidate. He is a unique threat to the Republican Party and to the country. The party should reject him as a nominee, using any and all legitimate means to do so.”

The Baltimore Sun Endorses John Kasich

“[C]ompared to Mr. Trump and Senator Cruz, neither of whom has come close to demonstrating the skills or the temperament to serve as leader of the free world, Mr. Kasich has offered genuine statesmanship.”