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Op-Ed (Gov. Kasich and Alan Greenspan): America’s debt time bomb has a short fuse

Gov. Kasich and Alan Greenspan recently authored an op-ed in the Houston Chronicle about how America’s debt crisis will impact future generations: The last half of the 1990s witnessed a remarkable time for America. It was an era of extensive business growth that created jobs, increased wages and productivity gains spurred by unprecedented technological advances. The federal government did its part to support those good times with a series of far-reaching fiscal and policy reforms that helped improve life for millions of Americans. We know, because we were there. Legislative landmarks of that era included historic welfare reform, the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 and privatization of government-controlled assets. In addition, decision-makers in Washington restrained government spending, cut capital gains taxes and began a serious effort to control entitlement costs. The result was a virtuous cycle that generated growing tax revenues and led to the first federal budget surpluses in decades, allowing the Treasury […]

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Gov. Kasich Statement on the Reported Chemical Weapons Attack in Ghouta, Syria

Gov. Kasich Statement on the Reported Chemical Weapons Attack in Ghouta, Syria “President Assad may believe that he can with impunity continue or increase the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian civil war. He could not be more mistaken. If the reported chemical attack in Ghouta is officially confirmed, Assad and those in his government who are responsible for these crimes against humanity must be held to account, even if it takes a decade or more to do so. Russia, which itself used weapons-grade chemicals in the United Kingdom recently, bears special responsibility, because of its support to the Assad government and its role in the agreement that Syria would be chemical-weapons-free. The international community must speak with one voice in order to make it clear to President Assad how unacceptable the use of chemical weapons is in modern warfare, particularly against civilians, and that he and his government […]

Weekly Standard Profile: Gov. Kasich

Weekly Standard Profile: Gov. Kasich

Read more about what drives Gov. Kasich and why he’s a leading voice in American politics. “For the last few weeks, Kasich has mused in interviews that we may be seeing “the end of a two-party system.” The unspoken implication: He’s just the guy to hurry that process along. Asked if he’s going to run as an independent, Kasich tells me: “I honestly don’t know. But we do have a political organization. We’re not taking any options off the table, because we don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow.” Like his taste in music, Kasich’s politics and personality are an eclectic mix that has put him out of step with the Republican party: elements of conservatism, liberalism, and populism mixed together with an infatuation with bipartisanship and a strain of moralism that annoys many conservatives but earns him strange new respect from some liberals.” Read the full article here.

Gov. John Kasich Op-Ed: The US must turn to the world again

In time for the Munich Security Conference, Gov. John Kasich submitted an op-ed to Der Tagesspiegel, a popular German publication, writing about the vacuum being left by America’s diminishing leadership internationally: The US must turn to the world again American isolationism threatens peace worldwide, writes the Republican Governor of Ohio in a commentary for the Tagesspiegel. In the second half of the twentieth century, as the strongest military, economic and scientific power, the US was a beacon of hope for democracy and the free economy, and we were able to use our power and global influence to share in our values and prosperity can. Today, the US is vociferously calling for the retreat behind our borders, as the world faces major challenges and threats. We must not listen to these voices, but turn to the world again. Achieving our goals for the 21st century – preserving our military, diplomatic and economic power […]