John Kasich

Op-Ed: ‘There’s no wall at the Ohio border’

Gov. John Kasich recently authored an op-ed in the Cincinnati Enquirer about the importance of welcoming legal immigrants to Ohio: There’s no wall at the Ohio border, only an open door. At a time when the word “immigration” has become a starting point for endless debate and posturing, Ohio welcomes immigrants. It doesn’t matter if you come from Michigan or Montana – or from India or Ecuador – you are always welcome here. I know it might strike some as strange to say “welcome” to new arrivals at a time when immigrants aren’t always finding open doors. But Ohio’s never done things like everyone else, and we’re proud to stand apart on this. We have a history of working to stay a step ahead. And, for us, immigration has always been part of moving forward and staying on the cutting edge. After all, Ohio was America’s first frontier. So it’s […]

Kasich Bureau of Workers Comp Achievement

Gov. Kasich Leading by Example

Under Gov. Kasich’s leadership and with the hard work of state legislators, Ohio continues to set an example for other states and the nation by having balanced budgets and a jobs climate that supports small businesses and those who come to the Buckeye State to create jobs and strengthen our communities. Gov. Kasich announced that the state will issue a Worker’s Compensation rebate that will return $1.5 billion dollars to Ohio businesses, schools and local governments.

Kasich Common Sense Gun Reform

Gov. Kasich Takes Action on Common Sense Gun Reforms

With the leadership of Gov. John Kasich, state legislators from both parties and community leaders, Ohio is working to implement the kinds of common sense gun reforms that make sense and will save lives, while also protecting peoples’ Second Amendment rights. Gov. Kasich signed an Executive Order to strengthen compliance with the National Criminal Background Check System to keep guns out of the wrong hands. Watch his remarks here.