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Time for action on Russia’s conflict with the West

Gov. Kasich authored the following op-ed in the Boston Globe: THE RUSSIAN REGIME rests on weak foundations. Russia’s population is set to shrink by one-third. With a GDP close to that of Spain and a standard of living less than half of our own, Russia relies heavily on energy exports for close to three-quarters of its export earnings and over half of its budget. Elites compete, often murderously, to strip these natural resource assets at the expense of ordinary Russians. They occasionally arrange rigged elections to retain access to them. To be able to engage in such theft with impunity, they also rely on repression. Since transparency that might expose corruption and asset-stripping is a vital threat, the regime has seized control of most national media, directly or via proxies. The regime has also assassinated journalists and political opponents in order to intimidate into silence those beyond its immediate control. Russia’s […]

Kasich on CNN

CNN Interview: Gov. Kasich on Imposing Tariffs and the National Debt

Gov. Kasich was a guest on CNN, where he spoke about how President Trump’s decision to impose damaging tariffs on some of our closest allies will have a lasting impact on how the world looks to America for leadership.   With these tariffs, it’s no longer America first. What we’re seeing now is America alone. — John Kasich (@JohnKasich) May 31, 2018 The ballooning national debt is going to suffocate our economy if we don’t get it under control. Read my column today: — John Kasich (@JohnKasich) May 31, 2018

Kasich on Bloomberg news

Bloomberg Interview: Gov. Kasich Discusses Damaging Tariffs

Gov. Kasich was a guest on Bloomberg TV, where he spoke about how President Trump’s decision to impose damaging tariffs on some of our closest allies will have a lasting impact on how the world looks to America for leadership. By imposing damaging tariffs, do we really want to treat our allies like enemies? That’s not how America leads. It hurts our relationships and leads to higher costs for American consumers. — John Kasich (@JohnKasich) May 31, 2018 Watch the full interview here.

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Wall Street Journal Op-Ed: Entitlements Will Eat America’s Economy

Gov. Kasich authored an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal encouraging lawmakers to put partisanship aside and get to work on entitlement reform: When I was chairman of the House Budget Committee in 1997, Republicans and Democrats in Washington saw past our differences to balance the federal budget for the first time in decades. Working together, we managed to follow up that success with three more balanced budgets. Yet it’s been 17 years since lawmakers and the White House approved a spending plan that didn’t add to the national debt. Rather than tackling their budget responsibilities head-on, each successive Congress and administration has passed temporary, stopgap spending bills. In fact, Washington set a record for that policy of avoidance in 2017 by passing six short-term extensions in less than a year. Then it got worse. The latest spending bill, approved in February, did more than continue to fund the federal government; […]

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Op-Ed: Time’s up, Congress. Bypass GOP leaders and get DACA done for DREAMers

Gov. John Kasich recently authored an op-ed in USA Today encouraging Congress to act on DACA: Ever since the Trump administration’s effort last fall to kill the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, 800,000 young people living in our communities have faced the fear of deportation from the only homes — and the only homeland — most have ever really known. These are the “DREAMers”: our neighbors, schoolmates and co-workers who were brought to America as children and, until now, were eligible to stay and lead productive lives by meeting strict DACA requirements and undergoing security checks. As governor of a state with many DACA residents and as a grandson of immigrants who values the immense contributions each new generation of arrivals has brought to America, I am deeply concerned by congressional inaction on DACA. Also, as a former member of Congress, I believe that election to the House or Senate carries a responsibility to solve problems and keep America […]

Gov. Kasich signs executive order to help Ohioans with disabilities

Ohio Governor Signs Executive Order to Prioritize Tech Solutions for People with Disabilities

Gov. John Kasich signed the executive order to allow robots to help children with autism learn how to read social cues and better communicate with their peers. By: Jackie Borchardt, Advance Ohio Media (TNS) — COLUMBUS, OHIO — Smart wheelchairs, speakers that can turn on lights and other technology will be considered as part of care plans for Ohioans with developmental disabilities under an executive order signed Thursday by Gov. John Kasich. Kasich signed the executive order — his sixth this year — alongside a small robot named Milo. The robot can be used to help children with autism learn how to read social cues and better communicate with people. Kasich said the state plans to buy 10 Milo units at $5,000 apiece, and he hopes more units and similar technology can be available to a wider audience. “Government is so stuck on itself and stuck in the past that to introduce new […]

John Kasich Harvard Commencement

Washington Post Op-Ed (Jennifer Rubin): John Kasich’s unusual, uplifting commencement speech

  Jennifer Rubin recently authored an op-ed for The Washington Post about Gov. John Kasich’s commencement speech at the Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government: Those graduating from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government probably did not expect a discourse on philosophy, God and love when they invited Ohio’s Republican governor, John Kasich, to deliver a commencement speech. But that’s what they got, and judging from the applause, they quite enjoyed it. (Harvard Divinity School graduates might have enjoyed it, as well.) He told the audience that, although he studied great secular philosophers, he chose faith as his life’s compass. Kasich explained, when you boil it down, the Bible is about love and the reaffirmation that we are all created in God’s image. “It is our duty to reflect the character of our Creator. . . . We have no right to dismiss or alienate any other human being. It means we must show respect.” The Bible […]

John Kasich Harvard Address

Gov. Kasich Gives Graduation Address at Harvard Kennedy School

On May 24, 2018 Gov. Kasich addressed the graduates of the Harvard Kennedy School of Public Policy. Here are a few highlights:   Some virtues are written on our hearts and they’re instinctive. Just look at what @JJWatt has done for so many people in Texas. Each of us has the power to lift others. — John Kasich (@JohnKasich) May 25, 2018   When we recognize the virtues of love, compassion and humility, making decisions as a leader is easy. Too many leaders in Washington have lost their way. — John Kasich (@JohnKasich) May 24, 2018 Watch Gov. Kasich’s full remarks here: