Op-Ed: End the Partisan Warfare on Health Care

In Gov. Kasich’s latest New York Times op-ed, he discusses how the responsible solution to America’s health care challenges will require both parties to work together. Americans are relying on leaders in Washington to fix health care, not engage in yet another unproductive partisan standoff. In 2010, one side of the political aisle in Congress, the Democrats, chose to “fix” health care unilaterally, without bipartisan support. The result was Obamacare, which has run up government spending while failing to drive down the cost of health care. Now, with the political tables turned in Washington, the Republicans are starting down the same unilateral path, a course that can only further divide the nation. A true and lasting reform of the health insurance system must be accomplished by bringing the two sides together, not by replacing one divisive wedge with another. Throughout my career, I’ve learned that meaningful change happens only with […]

Gov. John Kasich on CBS “Face the Nation”

Gov. John Kasich was a guest on CBS “Face the Nation” where he spoke about his ideas for fixing Obamacare, his meeting with the President and his hope that Washington starts working together for the American people. If you do not see a video player below, please watch the interview (here).

Gov. John Kasich Op-Ed: A Roadmap To Responsible Health Care Reform, If Washington Leaders Partner With States

Gov. John Kasich wrote his latest op-ed about how Republicans have an opportunity to introduce meaningful reforms and work with the states to fix Obamacare. Read more below from Forbes: A Roadmap To Responsible Health Care Reform, If Washington Leaders Partner With States As work progresses to undo the problems that Obamacare brought to health care, I believe the roadmap to responsible reform must take both coverage and cost into consideration. Only then can reform ensure that Americans, especially those recovering from mental illness or drug addiction, receive the care they need while also protecting taxpayers from unsustainable cost growth. Obamacare severely disrupted the insurance marketplace, especially in states like Ohio, where a history of sound regulation attracted many insurers who then offered a wide range of choices at affordable prices. Our first priority should be to restore stability. The Trump Administration has begun this process, but there is more […]

Op-Ed: We Must Take Steps Now to Preserve Our International Alliances

This piece appeared in the german magazine Der Spiegel on February 17, 2017. We Must Take Steps Now to Preserve Our International Alliances Lessons of the Past Warn Us to Stand Tall Against Those Seeking to Unravel a Global Security Framework That Has Kept Us Safe Since World War II. The United States and our international allies, which for so long has been the centerpiece of what is rightly called “The Free World,” are facing the greatest threat to global stability since the end of World War II.  Security arrangements, like the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which for more than seven decades have kept us safe from yet another global conflict, are quickly coming unraveled.  These are the deep concerns I am bringing to the Munich Security Conference 2017. Here in America, I see the erosion of our alliances caused by growing tensions across the world and fed by […]

Gov. John Kasich Op-Ed: The GOP Must Properly Fix Obamacare

John Kasich: The GOP Must Properly Fix Obamacare With control of both the White House and Congress for the first time in more than a decade, Republicans now have the means to bring real and long-needed improvements to national health care policies that have been the source of significant difficulties and debate for far too long. The substance of those changes — and the way in which they are pursued and enacted — can go a long way toward helping the country move forward together. I have always opposed Obamacare and consistently called for it to be replaced with more conservative, market-driven reforms that actually control health care costs. At the invitation of Republican leaders in Congress, I recently submitted a number of recommendations for consideration as they work to undo the harm caused by Obamacare’s expensive and burdensome federal takeover of our health care system. Congressional Republicans have already […]