Today Kasich for America announced Ohio Governor John Kasich’s co-chairs in Washington.

“We’ve assembled a solid team in Washington to support Governor Kasich,” said Rob McKenna, former attorney general of Washington and a former candidate for governor. “Governor Kasich is a proven leader with a strong record of actually balancing budgets, bringing fiscal sanity to government and focusing on what matters most to the America people— jobs and the economy. Further, he is the only candidate who can defeat Hillary Clinton in the fall. A vote for either Ted Cruz or Donald Trump in May is effectively a vote for Clinton in November.”

Kasich for America Washington Co-Chairs
Dan Evans, Former Governor and Former United States Senator
Slade Gorton, Former United States Senator
Rob McKenna, Former Attorney General of Washington
Sam Reed, Former Secretary of State of Washington
Ralph Munro, Former Secretary of State of Washington 

Said Kasich, “I appreciate the support from my new co-chairs in Washington. They are all great and remarkable public servants who have dedicated their lives to be voices for the people in the state of Washington. With their help, we will continue to focus on my positive message of bringing fiscal sanity and common-sense solutions to DC for a more accountable, less costly government.”