A Conservative Approach to Better Health Care

Experience and Results Like No Other

Gov. Kasich has consistently called for more conservative, market-driven reforms that actually control health care costs.  As someone who understands that meaningful change happens only with bipartisan support, he knows that a true and lasting fix of our health care challenges must be accomplished in a way that brings us together, not by replacing one divisive wedge with another.

In that spirit, John Kasich reached out to governors from opposite sides of the political aisle in 2017 to develop a framework for ways to build an improved health insurance system that is available and affordable for every American.

That work continued into 2018, when he brought together a bipartisan group of governors to develop a blueprint for improving the nation’s health system performance to drive down costs.  These recommendations included reforms put in place in Ohio to pay for value instead of volume. Too often in our present system, doctors, hospitals and others get paid more when people are sick than when they are well.  By paying doctors for providing better care, not just more care, America cam reset competition within the health care market, control costs and improve health outcomes.

As governor of Ohio, John Kasich successfully reformed the Medicaid programs to control costs while covering more people, proving that coverage and cost containment can be achieved together.  Without denying coverage to those who relied on it, Ohio cut the cost curve of annual growth from a 9 percent yearly average (2009-2011) to an average of less than 2% per member since 2016.