Today, former Congressman Tom Campbell from California endorsed Gov. John Kasich and joined the Kasich for America Leadership Team.

Campbell said, “I worked with John Kasich for nine years in Congress, leading up to the last time the federal budget was balanced. He accomplished the balanced budget by controlling spending, and inducing economic growth— not by increasing tax rates. Any fiscal conservative should be impressed with this record. And without fiscal responsibility, everything else we hope for in our country will not be achievable.”

Campbell (R-CA) served in the U.S. House of Representatives for five terms. He represented two different congressional districts in Silicon Valley: California’s 12th congressional district from 1989-1993 and the 15th congressional district from 1995-2001. From 2002-2008, Campbell was the dean and a professor of business at the Haas School of Business at the University of Berkeley. Before that, he was a tenured professor of law at Stanford. Today, he is a tenured professor of law (Fowler School) and professor of business (Argyros School) at Chapman University in Orange, California, having served as dean of the Fowler School of Law until last week.

In response to this key endorsement, Kasich said, “I’m honored to have Tom Campbell’s endorsement. He is a leading voice for commonsense conservatism in California. I am grateful to have him on my team as we look to advance pro-growth solutions from coast to coast.”