Former Cong. Kenny Hulshof, State Sen. Ryan Silvey and former GOP Chairman David Cole named Missouri State Co-Chairs

Matthew Roney, Aaron Willard, Emory Melton, Jim Chappell, and Brendan Cossette named to Missouri Leadership Team

Miles Ross named Missouri State Director

Former Missouri Congressman Tom Coleman named Honorary State Co-Chair

Today, former Congressman Kenny Hulshof, State Senator Ryan Silvey, and former Missouri Republican Party Chairman David Cole endorsed Ohio Governor John Kasich for President, and will all serve as State Co-Chairs of Kasich for America’s Missouri team.

Additionally, the following have been added to the State Leadership Team: Matthew Roney, former aide to U.S. Senator Kit Bond, former executive director of the Missouri House Republican Campaign Committee Aaron Willard, former State Senator Emory Melton, business leader Jim Chappell, and longtime senior Republican aide Brendan Cossette.  Miles Ross, a veteran Missouri Republican strategist, has been named Missouri state director, and former Missouri Congressman Tom Coleman has been named Honorary State Co-Chair.

Kenny Hulshof was first elected to Congress in 1996 when he knocked off a 20-year House veteran, and went on to serve Missouri’s 9th Congressional District for 12 years.  Prior to Congress, Hulshof served as a special prosecutor for the Office of the Missouri Attorney General where he prosecuted a number of high-profile capital cases.

“I served with John Kasich in Congress and saw firsthand his ability to get things done,” said Hulshof.  “Thanks in no small part to his leadership and relentless drive, we passed the first balanced budget in a generation and cut taxes on risk -taking and investment, which helped to unleash the American economy to grow and create jobs.  That formula for prosperity worked then, and with John Kasich as President, it will work again.”

State Senator Ryan Silvey has represented Missouri’s 17th Senate District since 2013, and serves Chairman of the Senate Commerce & Energy Committee, in addition to serving as Vice-Chairman of Senate Appropriations.  Prior to serving in the Missouri Senate, Silvey was elected to four terms in the Missouri House of Representatives where he was Chairman of the House Budget Committee.  Under his leadership, Missouri kept its budget in balance without raising taxes and maintained the state’s AAA bond rating despite the fiscal challenges posed by the Great Recession.

Said Silvey, “As a former Budget Committee Chairman, I know how difficult it is to hold the line on spending and manage taxpayer dollars conservatively.  John Kasich has done that both in Washington and in Ohio.  As governor, he inherited a projected $8 billion budget deficit and turned it into a $2 billion surplus, while cutting taxes by $5 billion.  As our nation drowns in more than $18 trillion in debt, America needs John Kasich in the White House, and I am honored to endorse him for President of the United States.”

Said David Cole, former Chairman of the Missouri Republican Party, “John Kasich’s plan to balance the budget, cut taxes, rein in the bureaucracy and take money, power and influence out of Washington and return it back to the states and communities where we live will resonate well with Missourians who are looking for a leader with a vision.  I am thrilled to be part of the team, and I look forward to sharing his vision for our nation’s future across our state.”

Kasich for America Missouri Team

State Co-Chairs:

Kenny Hulshof, former Member of Congress

Ryan Silvey, Missouri State Senate

David Cole, former Chairman of the Missouri Republican Party

Leadership Team:

Matthew Roney, former aide to U.S. Senator Kit Bond

Aaron Willard, former executive director of the Missouri House Republican Campaign Committee

Emory Melton, former State Senator

Jim Chappell, Missouri business leader

Brendan Cossette, longtime senior Republican aide

State Director:

Miles Ross, veteran Republican strategist

Honorary State Co-Chair:

Tom Coleman, former Member of Congress

“This is a remarkable team,” said Kasich.  “These are seasoned, smart and respected leaders in Missouri, and it is humbling to have earned their confidence. I am energized and grateful for their support, and I know that together we will be very successful in Missouri.”