Today Kasich for America announced the expansion of Gov. Kasich’s Virginia leadership team to include former Congressman G. William Whitehurst, former Chairman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly Danny Vargas and a number of other distinguished public officials and political leaders in Virginia.

Said Whitehurst, “John and I served together in Congress. I remember a man who worked incredibly hard to achieve tangible results, a leader who put people over party. In the decades since, I’ve watched him balance the federal budget, take constructive action to modernize our military and pull Ohio’s economy out of a ditch. Without a doubt, no one is better suited to lead our country. It’s an honor to join my fellow Virginians in supporting Gov. Kasich’s campaign.”

Whitehurst represented Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District from 1969-87, serving alongside John Kasich on the Armed Services Committee starting in 1983. A native of Norfolk, Virginia, Whitehurst is a professor of public affairs at Old Dominion University, where he taught previously before his election to Congress.

Said Vargas, “Now more than ever we need a president who can hit the ground running from Day One, a leader with as much experience as possible. We need someone with vision, compassion and character, who has proven they can get things done and execute needed changes to improve people’s lives. The person that best fits this description is clearly Governor Kasich and I am proud to endorse his candidacy for President of the United States.”

Said Kasich, “It was an honor to serve on the Armed Services Committee with Bill Whitehurst thirty years ago, and it’s an honor to receive his endorsement today. I am also grateful to the number of other well-respected leaders who have pledged their support and joined our leadership team in Virginia. We’re fortunate to have them in our corner leading up to the primary election.” 

New Additions to Kasich for America’s Virginia Leadership Team

 G. William Whitehurst, Former Virginia Congressman
Danny Vargas, Former Chairman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly
Wyatt Durette, Virginia Republican nominee for Governor & Attorney General; Chairman of Virginia for Reagan campaign
Stran Trout, Past Chairman of the New Kent County Board of Supervisors
J. Ridgely Porter III, Former President of Virginia International Terminals & Former Chairman of Chesapeake Hospital Authority
Cindy Kirschke, York County School Board
Delegate Dave Albo
Former Delegate David Nutter
Former Candidate for Delegate Craig Parisot
Will Rogers, Brunswick County Republican Committee Chair
Lori Goldstein, Williamsburg City Republican Committee Chair
Emily Brewer, 4th Congressional District Young Republican Representative
Joey Brewer, Vice Chairman of the Western Tidewater Young Republicans