Today, Illinois native Eugene Cernan, a retired Naval Aviator and NASA Astronaut, endorsed Ohio Governor John Kasich for President.

“The same big ideas, patriotism, and hopeful optimism that led to the great American space program and allowed me to call the moon my home, are the ones I see advocated by John Kasich,” Cernan said. “Governor Kasich is who we desperately need in the White House to push the bold policies that will inspire all Americans to realize our potential and reach for the stars.”

“He is the one candidate who believes in what he is telling the American people you and me,” Cernan added.

Captain Eugene Cernan (USN ret.) spent 20 years as a Naval Aviator and 13 years with NASA. Cernan led three missions in space, including two missions to the moon. He was the second American to ever walk in space and as Commander of Apollo 17, he became the last man to have walked on the moon to date. He is from Chicago, Illinois and now lives in Houston, Texas.

“Captain Cernan has lived a remarkable and inspiring life,” said Kasich. “He has seen the world from the perspective that most of us only dream of. I am grateful for his support and honored to have him on our team.”