Creating Jobs and Strengthening the Economy

Experience and Results Like No Other

John Kasich’s extensive experience as U.S. House Budget Committee chairman, in the private sector and as governor of one of the largest states in the nation helped him develop a keen understanding of what it takes to create opportunity, empower job creation and foster economic growth. America needs that experience.

Bringing Ohio’s Economy Back: When John Kasich took office as governor of Ohio in 2011, Ohio had lost 351,000 private sector jobs and was 48th in the nation in job creation. Under his leadership, however, Ohio has enacted jobs-friendly policies that have helped Ohio job-creators get back on their feet and create hundreds of thousands of new private sector jobs. Additionally, Ohio has become a top-ten state for job creation and far outperformed its own historical job creation performance. Wages are growing faster than the national average, the unemployment rate is better than the national rate and under Governor Kasich the number of new businesses created in Ohio has increased every year and is now at record high levels.

The Largest Tax Cut in the Nation: Understanding that a more competitive tax environment is essential to job creation, Gov. John Kasich teamed up with Ohio’s legislature to cut taxes by $5 billion since 2011—the largest tax cut of any sitting governor. The elimination of the death tax, a 16 percent income tax cut and a complete phase out of income taxes for small businesses will free up more capital for growth and job creation.

Eliminating Wasteful Red Tape: Recognizing that unnecessary regulation stifles job creators and discourages investment, John Kasich created the Common Sense Initiative (CSI) in 2011. Charged with being a one-stop shop for reviewing regulations, CSI has so far reviewed more than 5,500 state regulations with the goal of reducing hardships that government too often places on businesses.

An Innovative Approach to Economic Development: John Kasich replaced Ohio’s outmoded state-run economic development system with an innovative private sector approach called JobsOhio, a non-profit organization staffed by industry experts that can move at the speed of business. An undeniable and quantifiable success, JobsOhio is positioning the state as a go-to location for aerospace, advanced manufacturing, biohealth, financial services, logistics and information technology.