Experience and Results Like No Other

Ohio’s status as the national bellwether is not a reputation, it’s a fact. No Republican has ever won the White House without winning Ohio. Ever. And it’s been more than 50 years since a Democrat won the White House without Ohio. Ohio voters pick our nation’s presidents because, like the nation, Ohioans have a history of rejecting extremism and divisiveness in both parties.

John Kasich can deliver Ohio. On March 15, John Kasich defeated Donald Trump by 11 points to win the Ohio primary and lock down the state’s 66 delegates. In his 31-point 2014 reelection victory, he won 86 of Ohio’s 88 counties, 25 percent of the African American vote and 60 percent of women voters. With a record of 13-0, the governor remains undefeated in Ohio elections, and the Democratic nominee won’t beat John Kasich in his own backyard.

Hillary’s Team Admits They Fear John Kasich the Most. Amid a rough and tumble Republican primary, there is one objective that every Republican shares: beating Hillary. No Republican has the broad appeal among independent swing voters that makes Hillary’s team more nervous than John Kasich. That is why Hillary’s former campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle, Bill Clinton’s deputy chief of staff David Goodfriend, ex-DNC chair Ed Rendell, and many Democrat super delegates say John Kasich is the Republican they fear most.

No candidate in either party can match John Kasich’s experience or accomplishments. He’s the only candidate who helped balance the federal budget. He has far more foreign policy experience than any other candidate. He is the only candidate who successfully revived a state on the ropes. While outsider candidates have piqued the interest of a GOP electorate fed up with President Obama and his policy failures, Republican voters are sophisticated; they will not risk losing to Hillary in November by nominating someone with no experience and no accomplishments.

The rest of the GOP field has fatal flaws. Voters will be skeptical of sending another freshman senator like Cruz to the White House after previously electing a first-term senator in Barack Obama.  They are also unlikely to nominate someone like Donald Trump, who has record-low favorability ratings.  Kasich is free from fatal flaws that Hillary and her massive opposition research operation will ruthlessly exploit in other candidates in November. According to a 50-state analysis, John Kasich would defeat Hillary Clinton in a  304-234 electoral vote in a general election, while Clinton would defeat Donald Trump in a 328-210 vote and Cruz in a 332-206 vote.

Bottom Line: John Kasich presents a November Nightmare for Democrats. He has used conservative principles to solve seemingly intractable problems and he has done it in an inclusive, constructive way. For Republicans interested in retaking the White House, and for Americans interested in results once we do, John Kasich is the GOP’s only electable option.


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